Cleanroom wipers are a member of the cleaning product family used in various applications to minimize additional contamination. There is an increasing need across certain sectors to adhere to exacting standards, including legislation. Cleanroom wipers play an important role in attaining such standards. They are fundamentally used to clean up polluted sites and to prevent the further spreading of contagion or pollution that has tainted the site. Cleanroom wipers are used in a cross-section of industries, including the biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. As such, cleanroom wipers are manufactured according to stringent standards and are regulated by strict guidelines. Apart from being used to clean up a locale, cleanroom wipers are specifically designed with the goal of preventing the transference of chemicals.

Cleanroom wipers can be manufactured from a range of materials, including knit and polyester. They can either possess sealed or hot cut edges. Due to the nature of the cleanroom wipers' job description - to clean and reduce contamination - they are typically used alongside chemicals that are soluble in nature. These chemicals are able to infiltrate the cleanroom wipers being used. As such, the wipers also have to be designed specifically to withstand the chemicals being used. To handle certain conditions, there are a range of clean room wipers with different performance levels. There are fine-grade wipers and regular-grade wipers. For more fragile equipment, there are also soft touch wipers. There is also the high-strength wiper that lessens the amount of lint and particles released whilst cleaning.

Use our UNITEK products for all your cleanroom contamination control needs. UNITEK manufactures wipers and cleanroom products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronic, and medical device industries with international standards closely regulated. Our UNITEK cleanroom wipers are produced in a class 10 condition under ISO 9002 guidelines. We carry Wipers , Clean-Write Basics , and Clean-Write Stationeries .

The wipe types include; CelluClean Polycellulose, PolyPure ESD Polyester, and PolyPure Polyester, each coated with a polymer formula to prevent particle and chemical exportation.